Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wearing Black Again

A little over six months ago, I rifled through my wardrobe looking for black to wear to my father's funeral. Black is a color of mourning. It mirrors the feelings of the heart. Today, I am again looking for black clothing to wear because I am mourning the sudden loss of my uncle.

Just ten days ago I sat in his home in California browsing through old picture albums. He, the historian of our family, shared many family stories and humorous anecdotes with me. He was happy. Upbeat. Alive.

Today, he's gone. My uncle, a former foster child, is at rest. There's more I want to tell of his story from foster child to family man, but not now.

Now I mourn.

And look for black.

(Photo taken on February 19, in California. My uncle and my mom - brother and sister - separated in foster care and reunited as adults)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Get Your Kleenex Out - And Say "Yes"

Warning: Watching this will cause great big tears to well up in your eyes and fall down your face. You may also experience an uncontrollable urge to jump up and run to the nearest phone to call your local adoption agency and fill out endless stacks of paperwork. If these symptoms continue to persist for an indefinite period of time, do NOT call your doctor as this condition is completely incurable. :)

Seven Again

We are blessed with five adopted children ranging in age from 23 to 5. Throughout the years we have also collected several other children. These kids, for one reason or another, have either lived with us or somehow become an integral part of our lives. They feel like family and so they ARE family. We call them our heart kids.

Most of them are old enough to live on their own now. Some already have kids. Some are, like toddlers, just taking their first tremulous steps into the adult world while we watch, arms outstretched, ready to catch them should they tumble.

Billy is one of our heart kids. Originally, he stayed behind when we made the big move out to Georgia, wisely avoiding the cross-country trek. During that time he stayed with a friend of the family, volunteered at a school, and kept up with his physical therapy sessions (he's recovering from a broken leg - long story/short landing). A month ago, he asked to join us.

Last Wednesday, Andriana and I flew back to California to collect our four cats and Billy. We returned to Atlanta International Airport at 6:00 Tuesday morning. We were a sight to behold! Billy hobbled on crutches, while Andriana and I, bleary-eyed, wrinkled, and grumpy, toted several overstuffed suitcases and four bewildered cats. Thankfully, my husband collected us all and we were soon on our way home.

Home. It feels a little more complete once more. We are seven in the home again. Our four cats have staked their domains. Billy has started working at the school where I teach. We're signing him up for music lessons. He's planning to start college next semester. We're thrilled he's with us. Welcome, Billy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Orphan's Song

Doubtless, you've seen this clip. But it's one to watch again. And again. It's the heart-cry of an orphan seeking love and recognition in a world that has abandoned him. But this time, the world has stopped to listen. Is it possible that in his voice they hear an echo of the millions of orphans around the world also calling out for recognition? Can you hear it? Listen!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


It's been three months and fifteen days since my last post? Really? Where has time gone?!

I've been trying to get on my feet again since our big move from California to Georgia.

It's taken a bit longer than I expected.

It's been a bit harder than I expected.

But, through it all, God has been so good to us...

Just as I expected He would be. :)

Here is a photo recap of our last few months of transition.

Saying good-bye to sweet friends at the party thrown for us by our dear friends, Rick & Jeannette.

Packing up our stuff...

Driving endless miles across a seemingly endless continent to the tune of an endless round of "Are we there yet?"

Enjoying brief visits with family and friends along the way made things so much better!!!

Quick stop at Laura Ingalls Wilders' home in Missouri...

Being welcomed, at last, to Georgia!

Visiting with East Coast relatives (and one from Estonia)...

Flying back, two weeks later, to the West Coast to assist my foster daughter with her second baby...

Helping my girls enter an art contest...
(Maya won third place)


Welcoming my mom out for a visit - soooo wonderful!!!

Vacationing in Florida - NIIIICE!

Finally, finally, finally getting our PODS delivered to our front door.

Getting the kids ready for their school's winter concert.
(Andriana played a violin solo and with a string ensemble.)

(Maya played recorder with her little group. Most of them could only blow and someone had to help them with the fingering. But Maya didn't want or need my help.)

And now I am getting ready for another trip to California. This time I'm going to get our cats.

It's good to be back.

Thanks for your patience.