Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I Wrote a Book ... Now What?!

I wrote a book.

The words that had been swirling through my head like leaves in an autumn wind, have been neatly ordered and tucked into pages that have been folded away between the covers of a book for posterity to read.

Nearly 200 pages of words and pictures sits quietly beside me as I write.

And ... I wonder?

What do I do with it?!

For more than one year I have nurtured it, breathed life into it, and coaxed it into existence one letter at a time.

Ideally, it should now rise up on wings of fortune and fly away, leaving a nice fat nest egg behind in gratitude.

But no.

It simply sits here in complacent silence, waiting for me to fan the flames of publicity, inviting readers to purchase it and take it home to brighten their lives with the splendor of its tale.

The only problem is...

I'm just not very good at that part.


I guess it's time to learn a new skill called marketing!