Monday, September 28, 2015

Hope Still Lives

When Shawn Seely's fingertips touch the keyboard a hush fills the room and peace enters the hearts of all his listeners. From a very young age, this master musician has been sculpting masterpieces of tranquility. As he grew to adulthood, his passion for music ministry grew with him as he discovered his music brought peace to many listeners.

While volunteering at a hospital for children in Sacramento, California, his music echoed throughout the floors, offering a temporary solace for worried parents, sick patients, and busy personnel. The hope carried along by his melodies filled hearts and offered the hope that God still lives and loves. Now a husband and father of six talented children and foster father of a few more, Shawn's passion for music ministry is finding new outlets as he continues to share his belief in a God who cares about the smallest details in our lives.

Listen for a moment and you will find yourself swept away to a place where God still reigns supreme and calls you by name to worship Him, to commune with Him, to know Him better. Do you have trouble? Do you have turmoil? Sit for a minute and listen. Let your heart soak up the strains of comfort. Let HOPE inspire you.

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10.

And this, more or less, is what I wrote for my husband's CD description. We are using it to raise money to bring home
our daughter from Ukraine -- not through adoption, but by process of student visa. Ukraine determined she was too old to adopt when she turned 15. But, we don't think finding a family should have age limitations. We have told her she is one of our family and, even though she had previously lost all hope of ever finding a family, she is beginning to believe that there is still hope for her.

That is the main reason behind the title of the album, because every song we sell brings us one step closer to bringing her home.

Take a moment to listen. Take a moment to be inspired. Take a moment to picture her smile when she finally comes HOME.

Thank you!