Thursday, October 22, 2015

Homeschooling Lesson

We're dipping our toes into the homeschooling world. Not taking the full-on plunge, just testing out the waters. As a private school teacher with twenty years tucked under my belt, this is a whole new jungle gym. But, we're surviving. That, at least, has to be a good sign.

Reviewing the girls' assignments tonight, I had to laugh over a free-write assignment I had given. The question was, "Describe what it would have been like to live in Noah's time." Two paragraphs of creative prose straight from an 11-year-old's imagination was supposed to follow.

Allow me the privilege of sharing:

Living in Noah's time was pretty bad. Because no one, except Noah, believed in God. They were killing each other. It was horrible. Very horrible.

Noah and his family were made fun of. But they stayed strong. That was good. Because if they didn't, we would all be extinct.

Her facts are a little off, but her last line really hit me. How often do we think of the very long, I mean eons long, effects our obedience or lack of obedience causes. What if Noah quit his job? What if he refused? What if he didn't build the ark? Yes, God could have found another worker. But what would the consequences have been for Noah and his family?. And, let's face it, ALL of us are descended from Noah's family. The bottom line is, if Noah had disobeyed God, you and I would not be here today.

How often are we called to do something for God and hesitate? It's too hard. It's too expensive. It's too different! We worry that people will laugh at us. And we put God's plans and purposes at risk of extinction. Our fear and excuses kill the very plans and blessings God has in store for us.

I think I'm going to learn a lot from homeschooling my daughters. I just hope they learn something too!