Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cousin Worries

Last time we saw Shiloh, Maya pushed her down. That was a year ago, when Shiloh was two and Maya was three. In less than forty-eight hours we will see her again and Maya is feeling anxious.

"Shiloh won't want to play with me, Mama." Maya informed me earlier this week. "Why?" I queried. "Because I pushed her," she answered solemnly. Her brown eyes were serious and her little face long with the fear of rejection. Inside, I really doubted that Shiloh even remembered Maya pushing her, but it has really been bothering Maya. "You can apologize to her," I offered, smoothing back a stray curl. "Will she forgive me?" Maya looked up hopefully. "I'm sure she will," I hugged her. Relieved, Maya exclaimed, "I'm going to tell her sorry and then she'll like me again." With that, she hopped off the chair next to me and ran off to play with her sisters.

In forty-eight hours hours two little cousins will be happily making new memories together. The past will be forgotten. The future will be bright. I think there's a lesson for us here.