Monday, April 11, 2011

Living the Lyrics of a Country Song

I haven't posted in awhile, and for good reason. Life has been ROUGH around here lately! First our dishwasher started leaking, then our washing machine went on the blink, the fridge quit working, and the car battery died soon after that. Finally, the sink disposal added it's name to the growing list of nonworking appliances around our house.

I've also been helping Billy (another one of our unofficially official kids) complete a research paper about the Panama Canal. (We have spent about seven hours on that thing so far.) The girls are working on their Open House presentations, one of which involves lighting money on fire. (I'll be happy when that one is done ... successfully.) And, Quarter 3 just finished, so I've been working on getting the kids' report cards completed as well.

To top it all off we abruptly became surrogate parents to a rejected lamb and are now bottle-feeding and diaper-changing full time again. (Well, you don't expect us to just let it run around the house without a diaper, do you?) She goes to school with us everyday, sleeps with Andie at night (in the garage, since the diapers don't always do the job they are designed to), and plays with the kids during recess. Life as a country school teacher can be pretty interesting at times!

But, we did get family pictures taken ... finally!

As soon as we mop up, fix up, and clear out some things, I'll be back to blogging with gusto. Unless, of course, something else pops up in need of attention.