Monday, June 20, 2011

Boxfuls of Memories

We're moving!!! After much waiting, nail biting, praying, and more waiting, we are actually moving. We have boxes piling up around the house and bags of stuff heading out the door to Goodwill. We're walking down memory lane. "Remember this?!" is heard often around our house as treasured relics are drug out of dark closets and once again shown the light of day.

It's those memories that come back one by one and whisper in my ear as I pack up random objects.

While folding Maya's pink and lavender crib blanket, I remember bringing our three girls home. I can still remember tucking them into bed that first night. My heart was completely overwhelmed yet bursting with happiness all at the same time.

Maya learned to talk here.

Alyssa broke through her shell here.

And Nikki learned to trust here.

The house that had once seemed almost too big and too quiet, was quickly filled with the squeals, laughter, screams, and happy chatter of three little girls settling in.

A greeting card with Korean writing flutters to the floor. I pick it up and remember the call we received requesting that we host two Korean high school, non-English speaking students whom we had never met. Somehow we squeezed them in. Eight people in a four-bedroom, two bathroom house for three months! We taught them English. They taught us about Korea and its beautiful culture. We laughed and loved some more. When the time came to send them back home, I could hardly believe how attached we had all become in such a short time. Tears flowed freely at the airport.

Glancing out the window, I notice a fresh crop of weeds. Last year Billy stayed part of a summer with us and removed all of them on one hot, sweaty afternoon. We'd hoped he would stay longer. But, he enjoys his quiet and that is something we are in short supply of at our house.

Removing the photos stuck to my refrigerator door, I smile at the picture of chubby, little Edward. Kirrisa had her baby-shower for him here. We all patted her belly and loved on her little one, even though we hadn't met him yet. Now she is expecting baby number two.

Packing away birthday supplies reminds me of my dad's 80th birthday party that was held here. Friends and family gathered around to celebrate his life and their friendship with him. Now, he battles cancer and we are uncertain of how much longer we will be able to have him with us. I shake my head, pushing that dark thought quickly away.

We've outgrown this house. It's time to move on. But as the house empties the echoes that remain are those memories of happy days spent here. I know we will make many new ones at the next house, but just to be on the safe side, I'm boxing up all the memories we made here and bringing them with us.

Good-bye old house! Thanks for the memories!