Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Giddyup! Here We Go-o-o-o.......

Today we leave California for the wild unknown

of a faraway state

named Georgia.
(Mind you, this is not the country of Georgia, but one of our very own fifty.)

But, having been a California girl all my life,

Georgia seems so remote - so far away.

Even though I know it's still inside the U.S. of A. and quite civilized.

Still, I have never been so mixed up in my emotions in all my life.





Bewilderment (How on earth did I agree to this?)


With high hopes and brave hearts,

we boldly leave our native land

to learn a new culture,
(yes, the south has a very different way of life than California)

adapt to a new climate
(hellooo, humidity!)

and, perhaps, even a new language.
(hey, y'all!)

Thankfully, the same God who has cared for us so well here is also able to care for us there.

Georgia is not an unknown land to Him.
(No sir, it's not!)

He knows it well and is preparing a place for us there --

while we are still here

scratching our heads

and trying to figure out

how to get a family of six

with luggage

and activities

into one SUV -

happily peacefully.

(Yes, I still believe in miracles.)


Giddyup, peoples!

Let's go!

Georgia, here we come!!!