Sunday, December 1, 2013

The $10 Bridge Just Got a Little Longer!

I'm doing the happy dance today!

And I'm hopping mad!


First, the good news...

The $10 bridge from that orphanage in Eastern Europe to Bobby's doorstep in America had a few more stepping stones added to it.

How many stepping stones?

No less than ONE HUNDRED AND TWO ... and a half. :)

Woohoo for 102 (and-a-half) new stepping stones to bring this sweet little boy to his forever home.

At the rate of $10 per stepping stone that means $1025 was raised. Yaaay!

$3475 is still needed to reach the goal for foreign fees.

And now for the reason I'm so mad!

Someone told Bobby he was naive to think this money could be raised.


I bet we can prove this someone WRONG.

Let's give this someone overwhelming evidence of God's love for the orphan - even the special needs orphans.

Let's build that bridge!

Please donate $10 here.

Please share this blog entry and link with all your friends and ask them to donate $10 as well.

Please ask your friends to also share on their blogs or on Facebook.

I donated on Thanksgiving Day and I will donate again.

I want this little boy HOME!!!

Thank you so much for your help!

God bless you!