Friday, November 20, 2015

T Minus 10 and Praying for a Miracle

Can it be done?

There's a lot hanging in the balance and our case isn't looking so good right now.

We need $4000 by noon on Monday.

'Kinda sounds like a kidnapping ransom note, doesn't it?

Send $4000 cash by noon on Monday and we'll release the girl from Ukraine.
Otherwise the girl dies.

Well, okay, it's not quite that dramatic. There's no ransom note and no one's going to die on Monday,

except for a dream ...

this dream that a little girl once dared to dream,

of finally being part of a family

after growing up in an orphanage

and missing out on adoption.

This dream I don't want to see die.

We have another yard sale this weekend.

Pray with us, please!

Thank you!