Thursday, April 21, 2016


Okaaaay, so there have been some improvements made on our summer hosting fundraising campaign. ALL donations made though the link below are now TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

After all my kicking and screaming about having to fundraise again, I am now really excited to do it. Why? Because along with blessing two sweet kids, we will be distributing care packages to the person of your choice OR someone from one of the following professions...

Minister or Priest from the denomination of your choice
Civil Servant from the department of your choice
Health Care Professional
Elderly person
Sick person
Foster child/orphan
Homeless person
Single parent

When a donation is made in one of the amounts below we will deliver a care package (aka SMILE) to a random person or the person of your choice.

$10 for a basic SMILE boost (see description below)
$25 for a local delivery (within 10 miles of Cedartown, Georgia)
$45 for us to ship it to a specific address within the United States
$100 for a care package for an entire establishment (i.e. the entire police department, children's home, etc.)
(Sorry, all donations are non-refundable)

3) All other SMILE packages will be wrapped up in a pretty package and contain:

1 Bible tract

1 of my husband's piano CDs "Hope Still Lives"

2 edible treats

1 card from NHFC explaining their hosting program

1 encouragement/thank you card telling the recipient how special they are to God and/or thanking them for their service - this will include your name as the donor (unless you wish to remain anonymous)

1 small item specific to their need/vocation

4) $10 SMILES

These precious packages will contain:

1 Bible tract

2 edible treats

1 card from NHFC explaining the hosting program

1 small note card with your name as the donor (unless you wish to remain anonymous)

5) We will take a picture of each SMILE we deliver and post the stories here. Orders can be made now; deliveries will begin next week. (I have to assemble everything first!)

Again, ALL donations made through the link below are tax-deductible.

Share a SMILE and bring two beautiful orphans here for the summer.

Donations can be made through our YouCaring page HERE

Thank you for your support, encouragement, and most of all, your prayers!