Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Hubby's Music

I never wanted to have music playing on my blog. I sometimes find it distracting on other sites or I'm not crazy about the music they have chosen. Whatever. But I have finally added a player to my site. The reason? It's my hubby's music.

Shawn is a musician. It is his heart. It is his love. And he's pretty darn good at it too--at least that's one wife's opinion.

And now, he is finally working on recording his music and selling it. Woohoo! He's joined up with...


Go there, click on the "search" tab, and type in "Shawn Seely - solo piano". He has some sample songs available now, and one actual song to sell. (More will be coming soon!) Songs are $1 each and all proceeds go to support a worthwhile cause -- our growing family!!! (By the way, his song Last Goodbye was the one he wrote for me and performed at our wedding. So romantic, I know!)

As you can see, I'm pretty excited about this. I'll let you know when the songs are available for sale. Stay tuned! (No pun intended.)