Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"I am Glad"

The kids were racing through the house tonight. ("Tag" needs no translation.) Giggles, squeals of delight, and peals of laughter reverberated from room to room.

In the middle of it all sat little Liga. Totally oblivious to the chaos around her, she was intently poring over her list of Latvian/English phrases. She wanted to tell me something.

Finally, she found it, placed her finger on the sentence, looked at me, and said in English, "I am glad." Then she quickly scanned the list again. There was more she wanted to share. "I am okay," she added with a smile, "I like."

With that she skipped off to go play with her dollies.

Leaving me to quietly brush away the tears and send up a silent prayer of thanksgiving to God for loaning me these precious children.

Day 2 of hosting.