Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today Our World Changes Forever

I awoke today praying for Valerija, Samanta, Liga, and Eltons. Today, these four precious children are leaving the confines of their orphanage in Latvia. Perhaps for the first time ever, they will get on an airplane and fly. The chaperones will hand them the welcome letter we have written and had translated into Latvian. They will see pictures of our house and our family. Maybe little Eltons will have his letter read to him by one of his big sisters?

Our kids are somewhere in that picture above. How I wish I knew what was going through their minds and hearts. This mama already has her heart wrapped around these kids. My arms are ready to hold them. My hands are ready to care for them in whatever way is needed.

In short, I am ready for them to arrive. I am praying for their flight, imagining their wide-eyed wonder as they wing their way over Europe and the Atlantic, finally touching down in New York. I imagine their exhaustion and resiliency as they catch their connecting flight to Atlanta.

Today our world changes forever. Today we meet the kids we have worked so hard to bring over. Today, Valerija, Samanta, Liga, and Eltons become part of our family for a month.

We're praying it'll be forever.