Sunday, December 9, 2012

Playing Adoption

Children imitate what they see and mine are no exception. This morning Maya ran upstairs to grab an armful of dollies. "We're playing adoption," she informed me as she headed back down the stairs while plastic doll heads peered back at me over her retreating shoulder.

This is not the first time my girls have played this game. It's actually a recurring theme in our house--especially with preparations underway for our Latvian sweeties to arrive.

Dolls and stuffed animals are collected from around the house, then promptly scattered. My girls wander aimlessly around, only to suddenly "find" these "homeless" waifs (with loud exclamations), scoop them up in loving arms, and rush them to an orphanage (nearest bedroom) to be clothed and nursed back to health. They cluck like worried hens over each and every "orphan" as they are lovingly tucked into warm beds or rocked to sleep in loving arms.

Do I wonder whether what we are doing for the orphan is impacting my kids? Not in the least.