Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Miracle

T'was the night before Christmas and peace ruled my house,
But my mind was a-stirring with grim thoughts and doubts.
My prayers had been said with faith and great care,
In the hopes they'd be answered with much time to spare.

Our newest child was snuggled all safe in her bed,
With strange English words dancing through her head.
And papa had fallen to sleep with a snore, but I,
Could not coax sleep to dim even one blue eye.

My heart was a'flutter with the money still owed
To the agency who'd brought our sweet girl home.
Our expenses were high; our income seemed low,
How could we make our payment? I didn't know.

Three thousand remained, a far cry from the start,
I knew God had already answered the prayer of my heart.
But still I worried and worried some more,
Hoping a windfall would crash through my door.

The only answer that came was the stillness of night,
And the sweetest assurance that all would be right.
I don't know when, I don't know how, and yet I believe,
My God is faithful, His promises I will receive.

Our sweet girl from Ukraine to us He did bring,
Three thousand dollars to Him is a very small thing.
As I gazed out my window to the stars up above,
I knew He would fill me with His peace and His love.

So this Christmas Eve the miracle, in part,
Came not to my door, but was the change in my heart.
And now I exclaim, with faith and not sight,
God's answer has come! Now to all a good night!

Wishing all a blessed day!