Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's On Amazon, Baby!

Yup! My book has made it to the big time. Drum roll, please! "Marie: Woman of Beauty, Mother of Courage" can now be purchased as an Ebook on (Although, while uploading, I failed to mention that I am the author. Whoops! I'm going to have to fix that little glitch.)

For those of you still making last minute gift purchases, and who isn't, this gift is sure to please. I have received so many positive comments from young and old, male and female. Here's a small sampling:

"I really enjoyed it. It was quite well written ... and I was impressed with all the research that was evident. ... It borders on the unbelievable all that some people went through." Mike from California, USA

"I cannot put it down. You are such an awesome, enthralling writer." Yonka from British Colombia, Canada

"All I [wanted] to do was sit down and read the book!" Kirrisa from Oregon, USA

"I read it cover to cover. It is a story that needed to be told." Betty from Sydney, Australia

Order your copy now by clicking HERE!

P.S. Be sure to leave your comment at Amazon.