Monday, July 9, 2012

Shhh! Don't Let Daddy See You!

I love it when my children obey. But, sometimes, and I try VERY hard NOT let them know this, I have to giggle when they disobey too!

Shawn has a rule--well, several to be exact, but only one that is important for now--and that is, "no running in the house." The reasons behind it are simple. People crash into other people. Things get knocked down. We have five acres outside where they can run freely. And so on ... and so on ...

The kids know the rule, have it memorized, and can recite it verbatim when called upon to do so OR when trying to get another sibling in trouble. Just, sometimes, they choose not to obey the rule. This was the case this afternoon.

Shawn was working on his resume (please pray he'll find work) on the computer in our bedroom upstairs. Down below, our three youngest girls were playing quietly. Maya, growing tired of their game, decided on a change of pace. "Let's play chase!" she announced. Then her voice dropped a notch as she added a word of caution, "But when you see Daddy, stop!"

I couldn't help but laugh silently, but then I wondered, "Do I try that with God?" Do I pretend to obey outwardly, while inwardly I rebel? Sometimes kids can provide a mirror to our own hearts.