Friday, July 13, 2012

What Kind of Desperation?

"Can I come stay with you? I'm getting kicked out of the place I'm staying and have nowhere to go? Please?"

The email jumped out at me from off the screen as I sat stunned, trying to imagine the desperation it took to send that message to a near stranger.

I met A at a group home several months ago. She was bouncy and friendly. We became F*B* friends and I've tried to encourage her in the struggles she's shared. In the time-being she has turned 18 and emancipated. I have kept her in prayer as she has tried to make her way in this world.

And then today's message came.

I responded immediately, of course she's welcome, but, I wonder, at age 18, on the cusp of independence and freedom, does she really want the constraints of a home and family?

Then I think of her message,

"I...have nowhere to go..."

That desperation...

Something I cannot understand, nor ignore...

I await her response...

and pray.