Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today Was a Billy Day

Yes, it was!

And I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Sometimes we need those days,

One on one time with our kids.

Today, it was just Billy and me.

As the oldest child in our home Billy hardly gets as much time with me as the younger ones do. As a quiet young man, he doesn't clamor for my attention as much as the younger ones do. As a patient person, he won't demand my time. But that doesn't mean he doesn't need it or appreciate it.

This morning Billy had some early doctor's
appointments to go to. After visiting several different offices, filling out forms, and sitting in waiting rooms can take up an entire morning! Since it was just the two of us, we splurged and (gasp) ate in a real restaurant for lunch. Okay, it was just Subway. (But, hey, it's not cheap taking seven people out to eat!)

After lunch we visited a couple colleges he's interested in attending, spent some time shopping, and finally, made a leisurely return trip home.

It was nice.

I got to see him smile.

And hear him talk.

I think we should have a Billy Day again.