Monday, October 8, 2012

Pieces to the Puzzle

Adoptive parents want to give the world to their children. We try so hard, but, are, unfortunately, limited. Oftentimes we are unable to give them their past. We don't share all their memories. We don't know their complete history. And, many times, our photo albums don't begin with their birth pictures. Like an incomplete puzzle, the gaps in their history stand out, rendering an incomplete picture.

Recently, through Facebook, I received some priceless treasures. My son's brother posted some pictures of the two of them as small boys. I am beyond thrilled! Not only that, both boys (ahem! young men) are getting closer to their biological cousins, aunts, and uncles, who knew them as little boys and are able to share stories and family history with them.

I am beyond happy. All those questions I couldn't answer while Quinn was growing up are finally being answered.

Wanna see my boys when they were little boys? Thought you might. :)

Quinn and Paul are the blonde boys in front.