Friday, October 26, 2012

Letting God Decide

Photo listings!

Page after page of precious faces complete with character descriptions highlighting qualities and sharing areas in need of attention.

Like a catalog.

Each photo silently screaming...

"Choose ME!"

So hard for me to look into their eyes without feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

During our last adoption, we "chose" several kids. None of them worked out. Finally, in exasperation, I prayed, "Lord, YOU choose for us! We can't!"

And that's when...

God moved.

Today, as I browse through the photo listings at New Horizons' hosting website, I breathe the same prayer. "Father, choose for us. Send us the one(s) You know we can help. Don't let my limitations stand in the way of what You can do. Amen."

I'll keep you posted as to how God directs.

Until then,

I wait...

and pray...

and let God choose.