Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Somebody Else Got Him!!!

I could feel down in the dumps.

I could be upset.

I could be jealous.

After all, the boy I had my heart set on was taken.


Right out from under my nose!

But I am SO happy!!!

He's going to be hosted this winter. How wonderful is that!!!

We'd been praying about whether this was the one God wanted us to host, but didn't quite feel like God had given us the green light. We waited and prayed and waited some more. And prayed a lot. But no nod came from above.

Then, yesterday, when I checked the website again, his photo had been moved to the HOLD section. Which means someone is planning to host him. I am so happy for him!! I pray that this will ultimately turn into an adoption for him, since he will be turning that dreaded fifteen soon. God please work it out!

And now, we happily go back to our knees, asking God to open our eyes to the child/children He wants us to host.