Sunday, October 21, 2012

Urgent Post! Please Read!!!! What are You Doing this Holiday Season?

With the holiday season descending upon us at lightening speed, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of festive preparations. However, I propose taking a moment to scoot all those preparations to the back burner and focus on the orphans sitting in front of you. What? You don't see any orphans at your feet? Read on!

New Horizons for Children, Inc. is a fantabulous organization. I just can't say enough good things about the work they do for the older orphans. They actually travel to the easily forgotten orphanages of Latvia, Ukraine, and now China to search out, interview, and select orphans to be hosted by Christian families in the United States for a 4 - 6 weeks period. This herculean effort allows children who would otherwise be only a statistic to become a real, live, flesh-and-blood CHILD to an entire community of people.

This is important, because many people who have never in their wildest dreams considered adopting, suddenly meet an orphan and that experience rocks their world. When you host a child, you get the privilege of changing a statistic into a reality. My older sister once said, "It's so easy to forget about the orphans of the world when you don't actually see them. But when you see that one face in front of you ... wow!"

This December, New Horizons for Children will be bringing another group of orphans to the United States. Not everyone can host, but EVERYONE can help! To do so, we have to hurry!

In less than a week, the Winter 2012 hosting opportunity will close. There are still a BUNCH of beautiful children who have not been selected. Some have scholarships. Some do not. I am asking all my regular readers, and even those who just drop in every so often, to do at least one of the five options listed below:

1) Host a child: Go to the New Horizon's for Children, Inc. website and fill out a pre-application, browse through their photo listing and CHOOSE!

2) Donate towards the hosting cost of a child: All donations (and hosting expenses, for that matter, are tax deductible). If you can't decide on which child to donate towards, you can donate towards the child our family is praying about hosting -- U205 Oleksiy.

3) Shop through Go through the link listed on this page and a percentage of your purchases will go towards hosting scholarships.

4) Repost this: I don't care who gets credit for this blog entry. I just want children hosted. The more people who simply copy and past or post links back to here, the more potential families are reached. That is my goal!

5) Pray: Every child on earth is a gift from God. Please pray that these precious children will learn just how special they are. Pray for host families. Pray for donors. Pray every day.

Thank you!