Thursday, November 1, 2012

We're HOSTING!!! Four Orphans from Latvia!

He did it!

God chose for us!

Oh, boy, did He choose!!!

After much prayer, some sleepless nights, and several closed doors, God guided us to a set of kids much larger than I, in my frail humanness, would ever have chosen.

A sibling set of FOUR KIDS!!!

Three girls and one little boy!

And they are adorable.

Ohmygoodness!!! They are cute!!!


they are expensive!!!

But, the strangest thing happened. When we finally knew that these were the ones God had chosen for us, the biggest sense of calm washed over me. Like $11,000 to host four orphans was no. big. deal.

And I guess, to God, it really isn't.

Now Shawn and I are going to do everything we can to raise the funds we need. (We are both signing up to work extra hours and fundraising like crazy. We only have one month, after all.) But, God is in control.

These are His kids and He has a special plan for them.

We are only a small part of that plan.

But, oh, so happy to do our part.

Please check out our fundraiser website today when you get a chance to learn more about our fundraising needs and to see their picture. I'll write more specifically about the fundraising side in a later post. For today, I rejoice!

Thank you, Jesus!