Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Announcement! Baby On the Way!!!

Yes, I have two posts today. After I did my other one, I got the following exciting news and I just had to share.

Quick background: I adopted my son Quinn in 1999. Quinn has an older brother, Paul, whom I was not able to adopt (you can read the post about that here). Paul is currently a sergeant in the Army and stationed in Germany. (He has already served three tours of duty in the Middle East.)

Announcement: Today his wife, Casey, is delivering their first child. I'm so excited for them!!!

Present Status: Unfortunately, Paul is pacing the floors in Germany while sweet Casey labors without him here in the U.S.

Thanks to modern technology, they are still able to keep in touch. These pictures both touch me and break my heart.

Here's the anxious daddy-to-be keeping tabs on his little family:

Here's the wonderful mama-in-waiting labor updating Paul:

Please keep them in prayer today. I can't wait to see their little one!!!

Okay, maybe, I'm pacing the floors a little too!