Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Yesterday was a double celebration for our family.

The regular bounty of Thanksgiving Dinner spent with friends.

It was also Shawn's birthday.

To celebrate, Andie decided to bake a cake and cut it into the shape of a guitar, since that is one of Shawn's favorite instruments to play. She enlisted the help of her younger sisters to keep Shawn distracted and OUT of the kitchen.

They were quite a team. All morning we could hear, "Hey, Dad! Come with me to ...!" Then they would turn, wink, and give us the thumbs up as Shawn tromped off on another planned diversion. It was all such fun.

Finally, at Thanksgiving Dinner, we gave him the big reveal -- the cake and the TRUTH behind all the mysterious escapades we had him running on all day.